November 2015

Jonathan and I (and Parker) got to go to Dallas for a 3 day conference. I loved it and God was really working in my heart and on me through this time. God also did some healing work in Jonathan and took ahold his heart. Jonathan and I got to sleep ALL night uninterrupted 3 nights in a row. The first time in forever. We felt so rested and we needed rest. And hearing Francis Chan live was amazing. We also got to see a couple friends we hadn’t seen in forever. Jonathan’s best friend all growing up and his wife and daughter and we ran into a friend we went to college with. Such a fun time to get away and enjoy some time with each other and with God. It was the perfect refreshing time.



And of course the kids were having a blast with Papa and Nani.IMG_1543

Even though we were no longer doing foster care, God was showing us opportunity after opportunity to love others, give, and serve Him. He wasn’t done with us even though it looked different than what we had thought it would.

I turned 31. And my man was amazing. He took me to Tulsa for a date alone. On The Border, Barnes and Noble and Target.

He also set up a scavenger hunt all over town and the end surprise was a new Kindle. I didn’t even know I wanted one of these things and I love it!

This girl got lost in the crowd when there were 6 kids, she was forced to grow up and help out. She was needing some 1 on 1 time and I was happy to oblige. I don’t remember where we went or what we did but I know when we pulled back into the driveway she asked me if we could just sit there for a few minutes and just talk. She told me she wasn’t done spending time with me. It was precious and good for our souls.

Then there’s this kid… He’s all boy.


We have been able to get back to school! Homeschooling is such a blessing to our family, but especially this year. With having a new baby, extra kiddos, and other family issues going on. We have been able to pull back and take some time off when needed. Then dive back into it when things got settled.


The weather has been absolutely WONDERFUL. We were putting our Christmas lights up and an ice cream truck drove by!


I’ve always been a white lights sort of girl, but this year we decided to have some fun and get colorful. My kids LOVE it!IMG_1971

Then life began to feel normal again. In the wonderful weird normal sort of way.

My mom wanted an updated picture for Christmas, since we’ve added 2 kids since the last family photo. Zeke and Parker needed to be above the fireplace too. So we traveled down to see them before heading out on Thanksgiving vacation. I’d say it was worth it. Look at this beautiful picture of these beautiful people!



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